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Who am I?


My name is Viviane Skynazy and I am trained as a decorator. I am passionate about the traditional realization of arts and crafts. I am specialized in sculpture and the creation of manufactured objects as well as in the creation of theater sets and costumes. Versatile and flexible, I work with almost all materials.


You have ideas but don't know how to realize them? I'm here to help you find solutions or realize them with or without you.

My workshop is open to all those who want to realize their dream with their own hands.

Coffre pour pièce de théâtre
Table de salon
Dragon papier mâché
Côté de coffre
détail de La conque
Vide poche rouge et or
Costume fantaisie
R.Stirlimann vs Dr B
Table de salon
Petit bol blanc et or
Fantaisie (vendu)
Boîte à bijoux (vendu)
Table en mosaïque
Dragon papier mâché (vendu)
Table de salon (détaille)
Couvre lit patchwerk
Côté de coffre

Here are other examples of my creations with different materials.

I start from the principle that anything can be done, you just have to find the right way to do it (and have time to create it...).

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